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Westringia fruticosa 'Wynyabbie Gem'

Botanical Name

Westringia fruticosa Wynyabbie Gem



Mature Height

Mature Width


Soil Type

Common Names

Coastal Rosemary

Westringia Wynyabbie Gem is a compact and evergreen shrub native to Australia. It features narrow grey-green foliage and produces delicate mauve or purple flowers in clusters. Wynyabbie Gem is versatile and can thrive in various conditions, including full sun to partial shade and different soil types. It is drought-tolerant once established, making it suitable for water-wise gardens. This shrub is commonly used for hedging, borders, and landscaping due to its dense growth habit. With its attractive foliage and hardiness, Wynyabbie Gem adds beauty and structure to gardens and landscapes. Grows to approx. 1.5m H x W.


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