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Dichondra Silver Falls

Plant Type

Botanical Name

Dichondra argentea Silver Falls




Mature Height

Mature Width

Soil Type

Common Names

Silver Kidney Weed

Dichondra Silver Falls is a stunning trailing plant that adds a touch of elegance and beauty to any garden or hanging basket. With its delicate, silver-gray, heart-shaped leaves, this plant creates a cascading effect, creating a visually striking display. 'Silver Falls' is known for its vigorous growth and trailing habit, with its long stems gracefully flowing down, reaching lengths of up 90 cm or more. The foliage has a soft and velvety texture, adding a tactile element to its visual appeal. This low-maintenance plant thrives in full sun to partial shade and prefers well-draining soil. It is drought-tolerant and can withstand dry conditions, making it a versatile choice for various climates. Whether used as a ground cover, trailing over walls, or spilling out of containers, Dichondra Silver Falls adds a touch of elegance and a unique silvery hue to green spaces. Prune back in spring to maintain shape. Plant 4 per m2 for mass display. Grows approx 10cm H x 80cm W.


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