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Narrow leaved chalksticks 'Senecio vitalis'

Botanical Name

Senecio vitalis




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Narrow leaved chalksticks

Senecio serpens, commonly known as Blue Chalksticks, is a low-growing, trailing succulent plant. It is highly valued for its unique chalky blue-green foliage and its ability to form dense mats of ground cover. The plant features cylindrical, finger-like leaves that are fleshy and covered in a powdery coating, giving them their distinctive blue color. Blue Chalksticks produces small, yellow flowers on tall stalks during the summer months, although the foliage is the main attraction of this plant. It is a drought-tolerant species that thrives in full sun and well-drained soil. Due to its trailing nature, Senecio serpens is often used in rock gardens, containers, and as a ground cover in arid and coastal landscapes. Gros to approx. 15-30cm H x 30-60cm W.


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