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Statice 'Limonium perezii'

Plant Type

Botanical Name

Limonium perezii



Mature Height

Mature Width

Common Names

Statice, Sea Lavender

Limonium perezii, commonly known as Sea Lavender or Statice, is a herbaceous perennial plant renowned for its vibrant and long-lasting flowers that resemble small clusters of colorful paper or dried flowers. It has rosettes of thick, leathery leaves and produces tall, wiry stems topped with dense, branching clusters of small flowers. The flowers come in shades of purple, blue, pink, or white and flower over a long period. It is a hardy plant that thrives in coastal conditions, tolerating salt spray and sandy soils. Limonium perezii is often used in coastal gardens, border plantings, and as a cut flower. Grows to approx. 60cm H x 50cm W.


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